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Chanel was founded 1910 in Paris, France and it is a high fashion house that specializes in haute couture, which means expensive clothes or fashion pieces produced by leading fashion houses, and ready-to-wear clothes, luxury goods and fashion accessories. Gabrielle Chanel is the founder of Chanel, she gained the nickname Coco from her time as a chanteuse or a female singer. As a fashion designer, Coco Chanel catered to women’s taste for elegance in dress, with blouses and suits, trousers and dresses, and jewelry of simple design, that replaced the over-designed, and constrictive clothes and accessories of 19th century fashion.

The House of Chanel is known for the "little black dress", the perfume No. 5 de Chanel, and the Chanel Suit. Chanel’s use of jersey fabric produced garments that were comfortable and
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Chanel does not have a publicly available code of conduct.
Chanel does not share any information about its social and environmental impact.
It is unclear if Chanel can trace its supply chain.
Chanel also says that they are cruelty free, but they still use calf and lamb skins.

In April 2016, The Fashion Transparency Index gave Chanel a low rating. This rating means that little to no evidence that the company has more than a code of conduct in place. The company is making little effort towards being transparent about their supply chain practices. Out of the 40 brands surveyed, Chanel had the lowest rating.

Chanel has been known to burn leftover goods at the end of every season. In an attempt to outrun people who make millions each year producing fake designer bags, Chanel has burned leftover stock so that no part of its brand is left to easily duplicate. Coco Chanel herself is believed to have initiated the first conflagration or firing. In addition, disposing of leftover stock this way helps to preserve the upper-class nature of the

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