Coco Chanel's Impact On The Fashion World

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Coco Chanel once said that
The Vision of Chanel
Different is exactly what Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel, more commonly known as Coco Chanel, was. In her lifetime, she completely revolutionised women’s clothing trends while redefining luxury and beauty in the western world. She was not like all the other designers. She created fashion for the female body rather than for the male eyes. Despite, or rather because of going against the stream, Chanel ended up being one of the most influential, well-known fashion designers of all time, resulting in making a big impact on the fashion world as well as society, and her influence and new ways of thinking remain to this day.
Imagine a world where women could not wear pants. A world where no one could wear black. Imagine a world where you had to have your waist “so cinched it almost snapped in half”, as Chanel herself put it. A world full of ruffles, details, intricate patterns and embroidery, hats wider than the girth of your body, and dresses so long you would wipe the floor wearing them. This is what the world of fashion looked like in the 1920s, when Coco Chanel decided it was time for a change. She had had enough. Being appalled by the restricting trends of those days, she turned fashion inside out. “In a stroke of genius [she] transformed the female silhouette. She shortened dresses, revealed ankles, freed the waist, eliminated corsets, revived jersey, cut her hair and

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