Swot Analysis Of Cocoberries

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Cocoberries is a product on the verge of introduction into the market, following an intensive research informed incubation and production of the idea into the product to be launched. The product is a package of strawberries that has been stuffed with chocolate, with intention of introduction into the dynamic snacks industry. The manufacturers are planning to introduce it into the Californian market, which is located in the USA. For every new product they have to develop a mission statement and Cocoberries will not be the exception their mission statement is “Cocoberries want to make it easier for people to have a healthy, delicious, and organic snack when they are on the go. We value our customers time and this is why Cocoberries also decided…show more content…
Cocoberries is a product that is new to the marketplace it is healthy, delicious, and an easy snack when you are on the go. “Driscoll’s is the world largest berry company, gathered at its research-and development campus, which is known as Cassin Ranch, in the small agricultural town of Watsonville, on California’s Central Coast” (New Yorker pp.1). Driscoll’s berries are located all over California and are distributed all around the world, they carry all types of berries and Cocoberries would like to be parented with Driscoll’s because it will help Cocoberries succeed in the marketplace.
When having a business, it is important to make a SWOTT analysis to know the strengths and weaknesses, especially when bringing a new product to the marketplace. According to Big Commerce, “Swot is a comprehensive audit and competitive analysis that analyzes the Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats facing a business. An honest SWOT analysis helps a retailer identify what it’s doing well, where it can improve, and where it fits in the competitive landscape” (Big Commerce, pp. 1). A SWOTT analysis was used before creating Cocoberries, the
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The product life cycle is divided into four major stages: market introduction, market growth, market maturity, and sales decline” (Perreault, Cannon, McCarthy pg. 227). The impact the product life cycle has on Cocoberries is the planning of how it will be introducing in the marketplace and how it will stay in the market. Strawberries grow during the end of spring and summer to be placed out in early autumn, so this means Cocoberries can be distributed during that time and especially because of the chocolate inside of them. Cocoberies will be in the groceries stores all year round. Once the Cocoberries enter the market, they will be in groceries around five to seven months in the beginning. Then, they will be off the market for three months. After, the three months of not being on the market, then Cocoberries will be back on the market depending on the demand of the customer. Cocoberries have a higher chance of making in the marketplace and their sales decline should not be in the lower
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