Coconut Oil Essay

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CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION Introduction Coconut was the predominant crop cultivated in Kerala and regarded as the ‘tree of life’ since each and every part of it was useful for man. There was a sincere attachment of people of Kerala towards coconut which is also called ‘Kalpavriksha - tree of heaven’. The life of people in Kerala was closely linked with the different uses of coconut. Coconut oil was the only edible oil used in Kerala households until 1980’s.Due to structural changes in various sectors of Kerala economy the importance of coconut declined. There was a shift in coconut oil consumption towards other edible oils in Kerala households. Among the various food items in consumption basket of Kerala households, edible oil is an important component, which acts as a major source of energy for the human body and has direct impact on health. In India edible oil is used in the preparation of every day meals. (Achaya K.T,1975; NCAER 1985-90). The major source of fat requirement by our human body is satisfied by edible oils and thus forms an indispensible item of the dietary pattern (NCAER 1995). As the economy grows, and income rises the household demand for edible oil increases due to changes in food consumption pattern. The annual per capita consumption of edible oil in the country shot up from 3kg in 1950 to around 7.5 kg per annum in mid-1990s and reached 14.2kg during 2010-11, but still lower than the global average of 24kg/year. (Sthanumoorthy…show more content…
In addition, changes in lifestyle, urban influence, changes in tastes and preferences, increased awareness and health consciousness influence the household demand for edible oils including both type and quantity. The quantity and quality of consumption determines the standard of living of the

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