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Health Benefits of Coconut Oil Because of its plethora of health benefits, Coconut Oil has rightly won the title of Superfood. Coconut Oil is also available in the market as “extra Virgin” Coconut Oil. This simply means that the oil has not been processed (bleached, deodorized, refined etc.) Below are some of the Pivotal health benefits of Coconut Oil: 1. Coconut Oil Supports Brain and nervous System functions: Coconut oil contains Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs) – which are fatty acids of a medium length. Medium chain Triglycerides (MCTs) are digested quicker than other kind of fatty acids. This enables them to be used as a quick source of energy. MCTs are also turned into Ketone bodies that has several therapeutic effects on our brain…show more content…
Consuming 1-2 Table spoon of Coconut Oil a day can increase energy levels by 5% -10%. This will also bring a reduction in apetite and help with weight loss. 4. Coconut Oil forms a good Anti Bacteria, Anti- Virus, Anti Fungus and therefore anti infection. Lauric Acid forms about 50% of the content in Coconut Oil. This Acid is every effective in killing harmful pathogens like bacteria, viruses and fungi. Due to its antimicrobial feature, coconut oil is used against a variety infections caused by bacteria, viruses and Fungi. When applied to infected areas, coconut oil forms a chemical layer that protects the infected body part from external dust, air, fungi, bacteria and viruses. Coconut oil is highly effective on bruises because it speeds up the healing process of damaged tissues. Coconut oil has been effective aid in the treatment of the following: Viral Diseases: SARS, hepatitis, Influenza, measles, hepatitis, herpes, among others. Bacterial Diseases: Ulcers, urinary tract infections, gonorrhea, throat infections, pneumonia, among others. Fungal Diseases: Athelete’s foot, ringworm, diaper rash. Among

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