Code Black Summary

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We have all seen a doctor or nurse at some point in our lives. However, when I need to see a doctor the last thing I think about is the paperwork. In this day in age doctors and nurses spend most of their time on paperwork. Rather than focusing their attention towards the patient. The documentary Code Black directed by Ryan McGarry shows the struggles that many Emergency Room nurses, and doctors face in a community hospital. This documentary takes place in Los Angeles, California, at the county hospital. A place in the hospital called C-booth built in 1934, was the first emergency room that was constructed in the U.S. at that time. I was amazed to see the unity throughout this department, everyone working together to help a patient. The environment…show more content…
Healthcare is on a downhill spiral while going through the journey as a med student. I hope to help bring to the attention of others how serious the situation across the world with healthcare is. Many do not have the means of good insurance, or the opportunity to receive the proper medical attention. This concern has inspired me to become a travel nurse. In being a travel nurse I not only get to see the differences across the world. Also, to help bring better healthcare opportunities for those who do not have the means to come across better medical attention. In correlation to the issue in the documentary where the hospital was understaffed, travel nurses help to alleviate the understaffing of medical personal. Throughout, the documentary Code Black was inspirational to me by the unity showed amongst the staff. doctors came together in hopes of creating a better health care system. The doctors even though understaffed took inspiration of the old way a hospital was run; to save the new generation hospital. It is interesting to see that no matter the circumstances there will always be a group of people such as the doctors in this documentary who are inspired to help make a change for
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