Ayla Company Code Of Ethics Case Study

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Code of Ethics in Ayla Company Ayla Company is established to help independent designers in solving problems that relates to the manufacturing and production processes of good clothing. For the purposes of this paper, 10 elements of code of ethics will be discussed. These ethics are vital for the company because it creates an environment where moral behavior is promoted so that positive relationships are created and the company's reputation is enhanced. The 10 Elements The 10 elements of code of ethics that Ayla Company should include are as follows: 1. Values 2. Principles 3. Management Support 4. Personal Responsibility 5. Compliance 6. Heritage 7. Style 8. Priorities 9. Perspective 10. Branding Values should be established for the purpose of respecting all interactions that the company seeks to endeavor despite the circumstances; principles are practiced to strengthen the company's values; management support seeks to reinforce the company's values and principles by reporting in case there are ethical violations of the policies; personal responsibility is the employee's choice in upholding the code of ethics; and compliance seeks to ensure that employees adhere to the company's rules as they interact on a daily basis (Sullivan, 2017).…show more content…
386). When company earns positive impression for its practices, it is expected that it will not only gain more profit, but also regular and even loyal customers. Importance of Code of Ethics from an Employer’s Standpoint From the employer’s standpoint, code of ethics is vital because defines the relationship of employees to the organization itself, and it also affects the level of commitment of the employees as they perform their duties as a help in achieving the company's goals (Guber, 2011, p. 5). Importance of Code of Ethics from an Employee’s
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