Code Of Ethics In Healthcare: Compassion

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 Care  Compassion  Competence  Communication  Courage  Commitment It is important that a health care professional has these attributes in order to work successfully in their professions. They must have full dedication for the care of their patients and true passion to improve the individual’s health. They must show understanding and empathy towards each person’s situation and always keep confidentiality. One of the most important attributes is the ability to have courage to speak up when needed. This means acting as an advocate for the patient. Another change that has taken place is the need for; Transparency The capability to remain honest at all times and to never cover anything up, even if this means risking the position you hold.…show more content…
Less work load for each individual is achieved, therefore relieving the stress. Trust between the health care professionals rise this therefore builds strong foundations. Negative issues could surface regarding multi-disciplinary teams, danger of information being shared incorrectly and patient’s slipping through the net is possible, leading to the wrong treatment needed for individuals. As the health care institution is very busy and fast paced, it is understandable that mistakes are quite easily made. Codes of conduct within the (HCPC) The codes of conduct are a set of guidelines and rules you are expected to abide by in your healthcare role. Working professionally and sticking to roles is crucial for the effective care and successful healing of patients. Occupational therapists deal with patients in a range of settings, also working closely with relatives and carers for completed satisfaction, this means that the HCPC codes of conduct need to be applied at all times. Below is a list of the codes of conduct expected from an Occupational therapist  The ability to remain professional at all times  To continue with learning and gaining more knowledge in your area of…show more content…
Occupational therapists, once qualified join the HCPC (health and care professional’s council). A fee is included in return for stability and resources to aid with continuous and on-going support to gain more experience and knowledge, this is crucial for future care. More examples of positive gains when joining a professional body, the reassurance of being able to contact them when a professional does not agree or like certain factors of their work. Whistleblowing was previously seen as frowned upon, until recently people were being unfairly dismissed when speaking of poor care in their work place. This has changed and they can now have confidence due to new policies which protects people when raising
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