Code Of Ethics In Industrial Organizational Psychology

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1.0 Introduction The purpose of the documented report is to discuss the code of ethics that is in place for those who are in the profession of industrial organizational psychology. I choose this topic to write my paper on because I am majoring in psychology with a minor in business for my bachelor’s degree. After completion of a bachelor’s degree I plan to go on to achieve my master’s degree in industrial organizational psychology. This was the reason behind deciding on this topic for my report. 2.0 Discussion 2.1 What is Industrial Organizational Psychology? Every psychology profession has an approved code of ethics they must follow by the American Psychological Association also known as the APA. There is not one specific code of ethics…show more content…
There are two different purposes behind doing an individual assessment those are selection which involves hiring and promotions. The second purpose behind an individual assessment is development this involves employee counseling and career planning. In performing an individual assessment an evaluation must be performed. An evaluation involves performing tests, conferences and appraisal methods. Job evaluation and compensation primary focus is to determine the appropriate compensation is being given for the expertise and responsibilities that the job requires of an individual. In order to determine if an individual is being properly compensated an industrial organizational psychologists must look at compensable aspects, examining the sensitivities of fairness and equity (SIOP). Job task analysis purpose is to gather enough information in order to properly be able to design training program, performance criteria, job evaluation systems, and be able to create occupation paths. To properly develop a job task analysis one must gain information regarding knowledge, skill, abilities required to perform the job, the physical strain of the job, the type of the management and the group setting…show more content…
This also involves recruiting potential employees who are qualified for the position (Levy 184. This can pose as a tough process, when there are not qualified applicants to choose from. In order to raise the rates of qualified applicants applying to sell the job as having a good person-environment fit. Paul Levy’s definition of a person-environment fit is “the agreement or match between an individual’s knowledge, skills, abilities, values and demands of a job and characteristics or an organization”. Companies can also now utilize the internet to reach a vast amount of potential applicants. Without a proper recruitment process companies are unable to seek out and hire applicants who are qualified for the position (Levy
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