Code Of Gilgamesh

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1) Code of Hammurabi 2) A well-preserved Babylonian law code of ancient Mesopotamia, dating back to about 1754 B.C. 3) This is one of the oldest deciphered writings of significant length. 1) Cultural Diffusion 2) Change in a society based on interaction with another culture. 3) Cultures may have been inspired by other cultures, whether it be religion, buildings, or laws. 1) Epic of Gilgamesh 2) A collection of words and images glorifying Gilgamesh 3) This showed how many people viewed Gilgamesh as “godlike”. 1) Fertile Crescent 2) First domestication of plants and animals 3) This was a better solution than hunting/gathering. 1) Hunter/Gatherer 2) A society that involves foraging for plants and hunting wild animals instead
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