Code Of Honor Kamran Smith Character Analysis

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Kamran Smith In the fantastic book, Code of Honor by Alan Gratz, Kamran Smith is the star running-back on his high school football team. Kamran was going to go to West Point for college, just like his brother Darius. But Darius has different ideas. On the news, the Army Ranger, Darius Smith, is seen attacking a U.S. embassy. This is how Kamran Smith’s life takes a turn for the worse, but this is also how we get to see how Kamran does what he can to clear his brothers name by being the bravest of the brave, the smartest of the smart, and the loyalist of the loyal. To begin, Kamran Smith has to absolutely be the bravest he can possible be. One great example of bravery occurrs on page 10 when Kamran has to use every ounce of bravery he can possibly muster. The quote, “I threw myself at him,” shows how brave Kamran is because not every star running back tackles a kid at the school prom because they disrespect him and his family just because they look middle-eastern. To add, on page 111, Kamran’s bravery shines brighter than a…show more content…
First, we see this on page 89 when he was wise enough to understand what is happening around him. “He hadn’t thought what I had: that Darius was telling us he was going to sacrifice himself.” We see his intelligence here because he is able to decrypt the message from Darius when no one in the Department of Homeland Security can. Next, to prove that he is smart, on page 99, Kamran says, “ ‘Darius is in Arizona.’ ” Kamran is able to put all of the clues together from several videos with several coded messages that Darius is in Arizona. Lastly, Kamran is able to figure out, that the Black Widow is someone he used to look up to. “Emily Reed was the Black Widow.”(254). This example shows that Kamran was smart enough able to piece together all of the clues, voice recordings, and costumes and find out that Emily Reed was the Black Widow. In close, his wisdom and intelligence help him in many
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