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5.0 Introduction This chapter consists of a summary and a discussion of the findings of the two research questions. It also premises the new findings on previously conducted studies and theories that were reviewed. The chapter concludes with recommendations and suggestions for future research.
A version of a survey instrument was developed and sends to the Psychology students of New Era University.

5.1 Discussion of the Findings of Question One
What are the functions of code-switching used by Second year Psychology Major in English classes at New Era University?

As shown in the table 4, results for items 7,5,2,1,3 and 4 agree which has 62.5%, 62.5%, 55%, 55%, 45% and 37%. The highest rate is that they feel comfortable in using more than one language within the
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50% , 50%, 50% and 37.5% . Switching from English to Filipino is not planned to use as reason (Auer, 1998). They don’t observe attention to the grammar used in code switching. Code switching, to show that they well-educated and lastly because it is hard to find proper English equivalents to speak ( Cook, 2002).
In figure 1, describes the languages which students use to communicate with their peers, 70% normally uses both Filipino and English language.
Figure 2 shows both English and Filipino language which has 50% and 45% only for English was their language or medium to interact with their English professors at New Era University.
As of Figure 3, the top topics where they switch Filipino/English in most often was Educational issues which contain 30.09% in accordance to the discourse they gathered.
According to figure 4, there are different functions of code switching that characterized why and when at New Era University the highest rate was gathered 26.37% to avoid misunderstanding (Sert, 2005)

5.2 Discussion of the Findings of Question Two
How often do students use code switching in English class

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