Code-Switching In Nursing

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Nursing is the largest healthcare profession, with more than 3 million registered nurses’ nationwide (Rossiter) . In order to be a nurse, an individual must go to school for at least 6 years. Just because a nurse does not have a PhD in front of their name does not mean these particular nurses are not vital. In fact, nurses have one of the most paramount occupations in existence (Jennings). Nurses can be found throughout various hospitals and health institutions. Although anyone can qualify to be a nurse, it takes a lot to be an efficient nurse. Efficient nurses must show compassion, have high knowledge their field of study, and exhibit high trust levels between patients and the doctors. In order to show the utmost compassion to convalescents,…show more content…
By fulfilling patient needs and not doing anything to put them in harm is an example of following a policy. These policies serve as a resource for doctors, nurses, and other staff. Additionally, the caregiver must understand exactly what the patient needs at the time; they also know what procedures to assist patients with. Code-switching is extremely crucial when communicating with convalescents; using medical terminology with patients can be very frustrating for them. To give a clear example, a nurse would tell a patient to take the medicine before meals, rather than telling them to take the medicine “a.c.” This knowledge that a nurse must possess is indispensable, it serves as a form of admiration, coherence, and reassurance for the most…show more content…
There are endless ways to create a bond between patients and nurses. One major and easy way to do so is to build rapport. Finding out what the convalescent are interested in, such as TV shows, movies, and sports are ways to get to know them. Furthermore, it can lead to a higher compliance level between the RN and the patient. Follow-ups with the convalescent can improve a bond as well. Simply calling the family of the patient or the actual patient and giving them an update or good news can greatly ameliorate the relationship between the two. More often than not, patients are not having a good time. Obviously because they are in the presence of a nurse they are either sick, injured, uncomfortable and probably frustrated and scared. Nursing is a highly onerous occupation that can become a burden for some, but patients should never see that frustration. Using kind words, smiling and displaying a positive attitude will definitely brighten a patient’s day. Nobody would want a nurse that cannot be trusted because of simple gestures or nasty attitudes they may
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