Code Talker Book Report

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Have you ever gone above and beyond to make yourself proud?Well in the book Code Talker by Joseph Bruchac you read about a navajo marine and his time in war.His name is Ned he was first sent to a boarding school for navajos and then he signed up to fight in war.In the book it tells about the many mixed emotions Ned has about being a marine. Ned wanted to be a marine for a while.He realized he wanted to be in the marines during boarding school.During boarding school he studied Japan and when he heard they bombed the U.S he was shocked.Ned wanted to fight for his country and what he believed in so he decide he was going to be a marine.His plan to be a marine didn 't go as planned.Ned 's parents said he was still to young and since the age you could join at was 18 and he was 16 they said no.Although his parents said no Ned kept trying and when he turned 17 his parents lied…show more content…
Ned if affected by war in some very unfortunate ways.During training Ned had to go though many things.In the book Ned stated that”What you did in boot camp did not have to make sense.You just had to do it.”(60).I think that Ned meant that even if you didn’t understand why you had to do it you were expected to.Not only did Ned have a hard time adjusting to bootcamp but he had an even harder time adjusting to war.During war Ned lost a lot of people he knew and as it would to anyone else 's it hurt him.During war Ned was shot in the shoulder.Being shot impacted him a lot because he was unable to fight for a while.Ned described how he felt and told about how he couldn 't raise his arm.Ned was also upset and very much so scared when his friend Georgia Boy was shot.Ned explained his fear for his friend’s life by saying”I realized I was the one doing the yelling as I pressed my hands down onto Georgia Boy’s neck,trying to stem the flow of blood”(192-193).Ned was definitely changed by that and it surely didn 't help his experiance in war.Ned went through some hard times in war but he still did
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