Cody Vs Tyler

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This essay is comparing and contrasting two brothers, Cody and Tyler. The two brothers were born in Jackson, Tennessee. Cody is the oldest and Tyler is the youngest. The brothers were separated at birth. Although these two brothers grew up separately, they grew up with the same type of family structure. Cody lives in Lexington, Tennessee. He is twenty-three years old. His birthday is February 27, 1992. Cody’s adoptive family is goal directed and his parent’s served as role models throughout his childhood. As Cody got older he had begun to realize that he was different from his adoptive family. Once his adoptive parents told him that he was adoptive, Cody became confused but eventually learned to accept the fact. His adoptive family raised…show more content…
He is twenty-two years old. His birthday is February 12, 1993. He attended Liberty High School. Tyler’s adoptive parents didn’t tell him that he was adopted until he was nine years old. He never truly accepted his adoptive family. He felt like he wasn’t good enough for his biological family then he wasn’t good enough for his adoptive family. As a result his anger and confusion began to build and eventually began to effect his social and occupational life. During high school, Tyler didn’t participate in sports or develop many relationships with his peers. Although Tyler’s adoptive parents raise him and taught his just as Cody’s parents did, he began to regress and eventually began thinking that he didn’t have to work for anything in life and that people owed him something. As a result he hasn’t kept a steady job and doesn’t attend college. However, he is married and has one child. Although these brothers share their differences they do share some similarities. Although they both have adoptive parents, they have the same biological mother and father. Therefore they share some of the same physical features such as hair color and eye color. They also share the same body type along with the same shoe size. They also both enjoyed riding skateboards at times even riding at the same skate park without even knowing one another. Even though the two brothers grew up separately, they knew about each other and wanted to meet one
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