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It is a thriller, black comedy, drama, crime and neo-noir film written by the Coen Brothers in 1996. In this movie, all the characters are obsessed with money; for instance, Jerry is a pathetic loser who never stops improvising solutions in order to escape from the impasses he finds himself blocked by. He never stops bursting with activity, and I think that that almost makes him admirable. The only thing that attracted me after watching the movie was the music, and after researching, I noticed that the music director Carter Burwell screens the film all the way through then plays a little bit of what he has in mind for the Coen Brothers on the synthesizer to give them an idea of what he wants to create for the movie. I also noticed that Carter plays parts of the music on the piano for the Coens, before planning the orchestration, so that they would connect them with certain sequences of the film. Also, the principal photography was amazingly done in this film (exterior long shots); I realized that they were moving the camera sometimes, but not in a dramatic way, which created great shots. What also attracted me were the landscapes that seemed really dramatic and oppressive; I noticed that there were no mountains or trees, only flatlands extending into the distance. What astonishes us, viewers, is that the movie is based on actual events. A car salesman “Jerry Lundegaard”…show more content…
It has great directing skills, terrific music, superb cinematography and great actors. From the camera angles to the set design, everything is calculated to make the viewer feel superior to the cloddish. It is entertaining, has some perfectly shot sequences and is overall a solid thriller that is no waste of time. I think this movie is suitable for teens and up and advise all movie lovers to watch it as it teaches you that money can’t buy happiness and whoever doesn’t follow the right path will end up living

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