Coexistence In My Life

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Coexistence is one of the power words I can proudly say “that describe me”. I was blessed to be surrounded by an environment which made that concept part of my life, no doubt practice makes difference. During 2006 Somalia civil war I and my family immigrated to Egypt for a better life. The beginnings of new life feel like abandoning a tree you planted to grow a seed in another soil not knowing whether it will grow or not. I remember saying goodbye to my Abo and leaving in a boat to the unknown; being an eight-year-old you are expected to forget hardship of immigrating and people you left but always kept a map in my heart for all trees I planted and that’s where I keep memories of my father. As my mother was working in the position…show more content…
whenever we went there were a vast of people from all around the globe sitting and waiting together because we shared common goal. Although chillingly the memories never leave my sight, standing in front of bathroom door listening to her gasp for air, while a waterfall of blood gushed from her mouth. Ironically enough that increased my determination to become a doctor. Since we came to the U.S she been better, but the fear never left us and each time she got sick my mom will repeat her will which by now I know by heart. In my opinion to live together we have to support each other, in pain we may connect and in medicine we grow stronger. significantly in summer 2017, I was privileged to attend an internship about Social Media and Adolescent Health Research. In this internship. I was overjoyed to meet mentors and discover various research…show more content…
From a young age, I experienced civil war I lived with roommates who rooted for the right cause in action by protesting. In the same context the Ogaden tribe fighting for their rights in Ethiopia, my classmates from Palestine who wished to go back one day and finally the Arab Spring. Assassination in the holy month of Ramadan to peaceful praying fathers and sons; I clearly remember those events broadcasting in our home. Furthermore, when I saw different people, from various regions Christian, and Muslims with all skin shades shout together “by blood by souls we oppose injustice” I couldn’t do nothing but confront myself with the truth. We all are interconnected, interrelated creatures and when one part of our body gets hurt we all feel pain directly or indirectly. This helped build my character to participate in civic engagement in America by visiting legislators and meeting with officials to represent the voice of the people by the people and to encourage my diverse Ell class to participate. last but not least enthusiastically I went to the Civic summit that hosted justice, Sonia Sotomayor, to be inspired and one of many things I learned was that sacrifice is necessary for change, and I am more than prepared to do so for both my community and family. To live together peacefully next to each

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