Frankenstein Romanticism Analysis

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The idea of human beings and the natural world coexisting has been a topic of discussion for many reasons. In the book Frankenstein by Mary Shelley the author talks about the relationship and how it has impacted the town of Geneva. This novel entails a story about a scientist named Victor Frankenstein who used his knowledge to create a new life. However, he soon regrets it because he realized he made an ugly creature that would be disgraced by society. The monster not only felt neglected by society but his own creator turned his back on him. The reason that no one accepted him was because he was considered unnatural and abnormal. Soon after the monster asks Victor to create a female monster, so that he will have a companion. As Victor starts…show more content…
The monster becomes furious and kills Victor’s wife, and his father to get revenge. Mary Shelley’s constructed a view point that human being should break the barrier between the relationship that humans have for the natural world.
Nature is considered beauty but also horror because the monster is seen as a freak of nature. The monster hides behind the trees and walks through the ice, as he continuities he feels abandoned. He also didn’t ask to be born, and he is angry at Victor for creating him, and leaving him in this harsh world and left alone to fend for himself. Shelly argues that humans should connect to the natural world. This relates to the Romanticism period because it emphasizes the concept of nature and empathy.

In this novel, Mary Shelly uses the creature to show society that even though the monster’s is seen as unappealing,
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In the same way, she uses Victor Frankenstein to represent his display of humanity by showing responsibility and compassion for his creation. This also involves the Enlightenment era because Victor gains knowledges to create his creature, but instead he created a monster that he could not control. He starts to resent his own creation because of its imperfections and with that there is an emotional barrier between his creation and him. This only caused more problems as it made the monster feel lonely and unloved. When Frankenstein and the monster met again, the monster demanded that he creates a female companion for him. The monster tells Frankenstein "What I ask of you is reasonable and moderate; I demand a creature of another sex, but as hideous as myself: the gratification is small, but it is all that I can receive, and it shall content me." This part shows that the monster only wanted to feel loved and he just wanted to be
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