The Coffee Belt

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The Coffee Belt: The Region Where Coffee Is Grown

Coffee originated from Africa. The cultivation ranges from the east to the west, which later extended to the belt bounded in the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn.
The growing regions of coffee have abundant rainfall, sunshine, stable temperatures of about 20°C, rich and porous soil. Also, the coffee tree produces beans that contribute to the economies of most countries, and more than 25 million people depend on this crop. Coffee has a high monetary value; it is only oil that exceeds coffee among essential commodities.
Coffee trees have two varieties, namely: Robusta and Arabica. The Robusta coffee tree is stronger, grown at lower elevations, and has high bean yield. Arabica coffee trees
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Vietnam (produces 5.8 million bags of coffee)
In the mid-1860s the French missionaries first introduce coffee to Vietnam. The coffee production becomes available in late 1980. In the 1990s, Vietnamese coffee production has been on the increase due to the unstoppable growth. Most traders are more concerned that the industry is growing faster for its benefits. According to the traders from Daklak(Vietnam’s dominated coffee growing region), they feel that the crops are growing more quickly with no rapid growth in processing. So the primary problem depends on the quality of coffee produced in the region. Top Coffees in Vietnam: Robusta.
5. Mexico (produces 5 million bags of coffee)
Coffee came into existence in Mexico from the Antilles in the late 18th century. The exportation of the crops in high quantities begins in 1870. Presently, more than 100,000 small-scale farms produce most coffee in Mexico, and many of the beans are produced in the nation southern region. The country is part of the most significant exporter of coffee to the United States. Top Coffees: Liquidambar MS, Pluma Coixtepec, and Mexican Altura Coatepec.

6. Ethiopia (produces 3.8 million bags of
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India (produces 3.8 million bags of coffee)
According to recent research, India is the origin of coffee plantation east of Arabia. Presently, coffee production is controlled by the Indian Coffee Government, which most people believe that it reduces the economic growth and lower the quality of coffee in the country. Top Coffees: Monsooned Malabar and Mysore.
8. Guatemala (produces 3.5 million bags of coffee)
In the 19th century, immigrants from Germany commenced the cultivation of coffee in the region. Presently, the nation’s increase in beans, especially those cultivated on the southern volcanic slopes, is among the best in the world. Top Coffees: Atitlan, Guatemalan Antigua, and Huehuetenango.
9. Côte d'Ivoire (produces 3.3 million bags of coffee)
The nation’s is the 5th producer and the second highest producer of Robusta in the mid-1990. What causes of the rapid decline? Some claims that the volume based on the reduced investment and proper planning has lower the productivity of coffee in the country. Presently, most coffees exported wind up as high market coffee in Europe, notably in countries like Italy and France. Top Coffees: Robusta.
10 Uganda (produces 3 million bags of

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