Coffee Culture Essay

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In Italy for example there is the habit of “aperitivo”. It is a way, like Fika, to share the time with the people that you love, eating and drinking some characteristic things.
So the philosophical concept is the same that in Sweden, but there are some differences, first of all the drinks. In Sweden there is the concept of non-alcoholic drinks, so you can do Fika also in the workplace or where you want, while in Italy, for almost all the time, you do “Aperitivo” with alcoholic cocktails like Long-island, Campari-gin, but also with simple drinks like wine or beer. Otherwise is possible to drink also non-alcoholic things, but the coffee is very unusual. Another difference is the food. Usually during Fika you can eat biscuits, cake and sweets in general, instead during Aperitivo is usual to eat savory food; like salami, ham and cheeses in general. According to the tradition also the time is different, for
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Everyone drinks coffee as they please, at the hours that they want during the day, more or less strong and with or without sugar. It depends of personal tastes. Each year, Germans drink about 6,7 kg of coffee, these are like 4 cups in one day. Shortly it is a lot. For that reason in Germany the companies that sell coffee have had success on this kind of market, and they manage an important business. The Nederland
In the Nederland the consumption of coffee is the same that is in Germany. Dutch people drink coffee three or four time during one day and they have a sort of “coffee break”, like Fika, called Koffietijd. The most important difference is that Dutch people like to do Koffietijd also after the dinner, but for sleep well during the night they drink the “Koffie Verkeerd”. The translation in English is “coffee contrary” because rather than coffee with few milk, is milk with few coffee. So this is a good strategy to sleep.
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