The Coffee Culture: The Culture Of Turkey

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Culture can be demarcated as the way of living or a lifestyle people choose to live in a society. Each society across the globe has its own culture and civilization. Every nation is recognized by its culture. Generally, every nation is different thus the culture of every nation is also dissimilar from another. Culture is predominantly made up of festivals, events, civilization, the way people live, eat and communicate with one another. Turkey is famous for its festivals and civilization. The purpose of this research paper is to describe different parts in the culture of Turkey. For the purpose of this research paper, the interview was conducted with number of residents in the Turkey. Turkey is well known for its festivals, education, women…show more content…
Coffee is the most favorite drink of most of the people around the world but in Turkey it is also used for fortune telling as well. Coffee culture in Turkey is present since the very beginning of the time. The famous poet said about the coffee culture that "Not the coffee, nor the coffeehouse is the longing of the soul, a friend is what the soul longs for, and coffee is just the excuse". Coffee culture in Turkey is very different from the rest of the world. Not only on the basis of the fortune telling but also on the methodology used behind the coffee making. The Turkish coffee gets grinded in different ways. The beans of the coffee are first roasted and then they goes to the section of grinder where they get grinded. Other than this, at the coffee shop, the coffee maker briefed the way of making coffee in Turkey. It is made in the tiny pots known as cezve. Each cezve can serve the two cups of coffee. The method is to add the two cups of water and then add two spoons of coffee. The cezve then produces the coffee on its own. The most astonishing feature that makes the coffee of the Turkey different from the rest of the world is the added benefit of the fortune telling. “The fortune can be told casually by looking at the bottom of the cup”, the local resident in the coffee shop told. The method of the fortune telling suggests that the coffee should be drunk from the one side of the cup only, the cup is then held at lower level and turned around a few times. The coffee is then cooled down and the various shapes of divination predicts the future of the person (J⊘

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