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I. The world consumes about 2.25 billion cups of it every day, it is also the world’s second most valuable traded commodity, and drinking it can improve blood flow. A. This valued commodity is coffee. B. Americans alone drink 54% of coffee every day. II. Coffee is a drink made from roasted beans, which are seeds of a cherry-like tree. III. In researching this topic, I have discovered how diverse coffee and its history is. IV. Tonight I will present the history of coffee, the health benefits and risks of drinking coffee, and three common types of coffee drinks. Transition: First, lets start by looking at the history of coffee. Body I. According to the National Coffee Association, “by the fifteenth century, coffee was being grown in the…show more content…
The Arabs attempted to maintain their control on the crops, but the Dutch had successfully gained seedlings of it. 2. The Dutch was successful in growing the coffee trees in Indonesia. 3. The NCA explains, “Coffee is said to have come to Brazil in the hand of Francisco de Mello Palheta who was sent…for the purpose of obtaining coffee seedlings” (NCA, n.d.). 4. Coffee has established itself as a commodity crop around the world in only one hundred years. II. Secondly, I am going to discuss how coffee can be good for your health. A. Coffee has a strong source of healthful antioxidants. 1. In the article One Life, “Scientists have identified approximately one thousand antioxidants in unprocessed coffee beans, and hundreds more develop during the roasting process” (Jong, 2014). 2. Antioxidants help fight inflammation and protect our cells from harmful damage. B. Most of us enjoy coffee, and coffee enjoys your liver. 1. Coffee lowers the risk of liver cancer. 2. Through research on One Life I have learned, “Scientists found an inverse relationship between coffee drinking and blood levels of liver enzymes…The more subjects drank, the lower their levels of enzymes” (Jong, 2014). C. Consuming coffee can also suppress…show more content…
Men and women who drink coffee have lower rates of depression. 2. Heavy coffee drinkers have up to twenty percent lower risk of depression. III. Thirdly, I will explain some of the health risks when consuming coffee. A. Drinking coffee can be beneficial in moderation, but when consumed in immoderation, it can be harmful. 1. For example, “ researchers have found a 21 percent higher risk of death among people younger than age 55 who drank…more than four cups of coffee a day” (“Drinking More Than 4 Cups,” 2013). 2. The study that found that 21% statistic was observational and involved nearly 43, 727 people. B. Some people who do not drink in moderation may become addicted to the caffeine in the coffee. C. The caffeine in the coffee can cause many

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