Sugar Overconsumption

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In the progress of interviewing people for our study, we had a chance to interview three people who can give the exact answer and give us a clearer picture of sugar overconsumption.
On March 9th, we had an opportunity to interview Mr. Thakorn Phokeao, a 38-year-old small coffee shop owner, The Move Coffee, locating opposite our faculty and it opens on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. The shop is now popular among students and officers in Mahidol University; however, there is not only coffee available in the shop but also other sweetened beverages such as iced tea, lemon tea, Thai tea, iced and hot chocolate, etc.
The reasons why we have chosen him as our interviewee are, as follows. As we have known that nowadays many coffee shops have been increased lately, it led us to
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After we met her, we could notice that she was very energetic and kind. To make our interview went smoothly, we started the conversation with general questions which led us to an interesting answer. She had once experienced with the patient who had an illness which related to too much sugary food intake: diabetes. She added that even though eating too much sugar was not only one factor which caused this sickness, yet the behavior of regularly consuming sweetness was one of the important influence. Back to the story of the patient she was mentioned, Ms. Somsri (this was the patient pseudonym she assigned), she had cataracts on both eyes which affected her vision. As hyperglycemia, high blood sugar, would lead to a problem for the surgery, i.e, taking long time to stop bleeding, she had been struggle to control blood sugar level so that she could have a surgery to remove them. Ms. Somsri had been consulting her about our her dietary for many hours in one month hoping that she could decrease her blood sugar level. Fortunately, she could finally do it at the end and she is now happy with her new eyes’
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