Coffee Shop Cashier Case Study

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Job Description

Coffee Shop Cashier

A coffee shop cashier requires a variety of skills, duties, and responsibilities. Ironically in many establishments the cashier is not the highest paid employee however they interact with every customer, typically the first to greet the customer and the last to assist the customer with their final purchase making their position and the role in the company very critical. A cashier’s general responsibilities are to greet customers, complete the sales transaction with accuracy, and assist in ensuring the coffee shop is neat, clean, and welcoming. On an interpersonal level, a cashier needs good personal and customer service to perform for and deal with the public in a professional manner.
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Problem sensitivity is also important to recognize if there is problem or concern. Deductive reasoning is important to know how to solve problems. Knowledge of public safety and security is needed to operate equipment, keep themself, staff, and customers safe. The cashier also needs to maintain confidentiality, protecting all of the customer and the employer’s information and data.
The physiological requirements of a cashier include the ability to stand for long periods of time. Cashiers also need to have arm and hand steadiness, finger and manual dexterity as well as the flexibility to bend, stretch, and reach with the whole body, arms, and legs. The cashier typically does not need to pick-up more than 25 pounds though should be able to physically handle up to 50 pounds.
The cashier must maintain a clean and orderly check-out counter while assisting in maintaining a clean, orderly establishment by performing tasks such as cleaning tables, neatly stacking the newspapers, keeping the blinds drawn as needed, and ensure items are well stocked. A professional presentation is required, dressing neatly with clean, groomed nails and

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