Coffee Shop Case Study

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Question a)
Give an example of three different operational decisions that coffee shop personnel make each day.
Describe an information system that could be used to facilitate those decisions and make them easier.

Answers: The 3 operational decisions made by coffee shop personnel are-
1) Inventory management.
2) Placing the orders of the customers.
3) Keeping track of customer feedback.

I. With reference to figure 1.1, Inventory control software can be used to keep track of all the products available and the products need to be purchased.

II. For placing the orders of the customer coffee shop personnel can use a transaction processing system such as digital menu recorder on PDA’s handled by the assistant waiters. This digital menu recorder
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Front end
The order placed by the customer is recorded on the PDA by the waiter.
Back end
*The transaction is conveyed to the kitchen for the staff to access.
*The bill is transferred to the cashier to generate bills.
Direct user
Kitchen, staff, cashier. Indirect user customers Question f)
Give an example of an augmentation system that would support one of the decisions in your answer to Question c). Describe the work performed by each component of the information system.
Using social networking sites like Facebook to promote the cafe.
Hardware Software Data Procedure People

Computers, Laptops, Mobile Phones,
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System Software
Windows, Android, IOS
Details about the coffee shop, prices, location, facilities.
Login credentials are entered.
Page is accessed.
The details are entered and posted online.
Direct users
Employees of the coffee shop.
Indirect Users
Back end staff of Facebook, people viewing the advertisement

Question f)
List the decision steps for one of the decisions in your answer to Question a). List the decision steps for one of the decisions in your answer to Question c). Compare the use of information systems to support each of the decision steps for these two decisions.

a) Keeping track of customer feedback
Decision steps Description Examples of possible information systems
Intelligence gathering • Segregate customer feedback into 3 categories- to be handled, handled and to be conveyed to the top management; and provide possible solutions for the concerns.
• If the complaint has been handled, move into handled folder. Pending complaints are left in the spreadsheet for viewing. The complaints to be conveyed further are separately ticked and moved into the complaints folder, viewed by the top management only. Customer feedback recording
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