Coffee Shop Swot Analysis

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2. STRATEGIC EVALUATION 2.1 SWOT Analysis 2.1.1 Strengths 1. The organization has a large presence – Continent 6 Café coffee shops are found in the six (6) main continents of the world. This makes the organization have a competitive advantage over its competitors who do not have presence in all the continents. 2. Quality of the coffee in coffee shops – The quality of the coffee in the coffee shops is uniform because the coffee is from the same source. 3. The organization has outstanding ratings on websites that produce anecdotes about coffee shops – This paints a good image about the organization. 4. Availability of coffee – The organization is assured of coffee supply for the next twelve (12) months because it has reliable coffee suppliers…show more content…
Update inventory records I. Search for goods J. Process supplier payments K. The system will be able to generate the following reporting requirements for the organization: 1. Employee salaries, budg 3.2 Communication between Head Office and Regional Offices 1. Regional offices will communicate with head office through modern communication systems such as electronic mail (e-mail), video conferencing, voice over internet protocol (VoIP), instant messaging and groupware also known as workflows. These systems enable users in different regions to exchange data seamlessly without being hindered by physical boundaries. Communication systems use hardware and software to send and receive information between computers linkedthrough local area networks (LANs) or wide area networks (WANs) such as the internet. These networks are usually limited to a single building or sites located in different geographical areas, respectively (Boonstra, Boddy and Kennedy,…show more content…
A virtual private network (VPN) can protect information transmitted through a shared or public network, such as the internet through virtual private tunnels. Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) utilize Internet Protocol Security (IPSec) to encrypt both tunnel and content so that unauthorized people do not have access to network resources. Consequently, users can connect to resources on a distant network from any location and enjoy the experience of a local area network (LAN). VPNs are wholly owned by an organization thereby making it easier to retain full control over management of the network. Security of the network is also guaranteed because the organization is responsible for ensuring that data is well protected and only authorized users have access to the network and its resources. However, the initial investment costs are high because the organization needs to invest in dedicated networking equipment to establish and maintain

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