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Dissertation subject • How Chinese Cognac market will evolve in the next five years? YUYING REN Date: July 10th, 2015 MBA SPIRITS MARKETING & MANAGEMENT INSEEC GROUP Table of Contents Intro Cognac, by most of Chinese people, this grape based premium spirit is regarded as a symbol of status and richness. Since early 80’s, when Cognac entered Chinese market, the strategy was all about lux, elegance, and rarity, reserved for certain powerful or wealthy people. Thanks to this strategy, Cognac’s precious image has been implanted successfully into Chinese consumers’ mind. Because of Chinese demand, the Asia Pacific region now accounts for an estimated quarter of the world’s cognac consumption,…show more content…
Countercry from large population is creating danger; it’s time to clean the country from the top before it’s too late. Thus, the real reason of Xi’s Anti-Corruption campaign is very clear, that is keep the Chinese Communist Party's Red color, so that the Chinese people can benefit a better life, and ultimately achieve the great rejuvenation of the "Chinese Dream." Anti-Corruption campaign won the hearts and minds of the Chinese Communist Party, won the people's support for reforms. The benefit of Anti-Corruption campaign is to reform China’s economy. George Magnus, economist and author once said: “The anti-corruption campaign is not about to peter out, and will likely continue for the foreseeable future. If you’re in the optimistic camp, the persistence of the campaign is a sine qua non for economic reforms that could change China’s development model, introduce more market-oriented resource allocation mechanisms, and improve governance in State institutions and economic entities. ” 2.2/Market…show more content…
Nobody can tell. The confusion channels is one of the reasons that why counterfeit alcohol drinks are so rampant, and also a major cause of difficulty of regulation. In normal channels, alcohol drinks are generally from manufacturers to importers, then to distributers, supermarkets, nightclubs, bars, liquor shop, and CHR. While the actual market situation is not so simple. According to industry sources, hypermarkets sometimes promote the product in quite favorable prices, some dealers may repurchase from hypermarket, and then resell the products to other wholesale market or retail market. There are some liquor stores in the market that are specialized in recycling Gifting alcohol drinks, like high-end cognac, whisky and Baijiu. The distribution channels’ crisscrossing has formed a complex network that is difficult to understand. It’s nearly impossible to find out the real source of the counterfeit through traceability mechanisms when any node of the network breaks. Therefore, when counterfeit is discovered, the real source often can disappear in an instant, and thus we can never cut it off for

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