Cognitive Akechi: A Short Story

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“You look so beautiful like this,” Akira says, eyes lidded and hips jerking from the pleasure of it. Cognitive Akechi whimpers around him, drawing his head back a little and focuses on working his tongue around the tip before taking him deeper again. “Like you were made to suck cock.” The door to the bathroom swings open just as Akira reaches the point of no return and spills over the edge into the steamy heat of Cognitive Akechi’s mouth. The cognitive doesn’t stop though and keeps licking, swallowing and sucking until Akira’s milked dry before letting the softening dick slide out with a wet plop. He coughs a few times and the semen he didn’t swallow is dribbling down his chin in a thin stream. “Did I do well?” he looks up at Akira with those…show more content…
Akira scoots over to the other end of the bed, watching Akechi push his cognitive double onto his back. The mattress dips under their combined weight when Akechi climbs up on top of him, straddling his thighs. “So this is how Sae-san sees me,” he muses and slides his hands over Cognitive Akechi’s torso, his touch light. “Isn’t it interesting, Joker? How one person can be perceived in different ways.” Oh, like how the others see me as a friend and leader while you see me as someone who needs to roll over and die? Those are the thoughts that immediately spring to his mind, but he knows better than to actually say them, even if part of him wants to. Akira rolls his shoulders in a shrug and leans back, propping himself on his arms to watch the show unfold. Akechi is leaning over his cognitive double now, mouthing over his collarbone and up the curve of his jaw—just watching is enough to make Akira feel that familiar swell of arousal build between his legs when Akechi begins to lap up the remainder of semen still gleaming on his

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