Cognitive And Biological Factors Influence Emotion Essay

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The cognitive level of analysis aims to study how the inner processes of the mind processes information gained, and how they are interpreted and applied into the real world. Within this level of analysis, it was found that the cognitive and biological factors of our mind influence how we feel, or in other words, our emotions. Emotion can be defined as the body’s response to any specific situation. As all human beings can express how they feel through facial expressions, this suggests that emotions are biological rather than cognitive. However, emotions can be dependent on both the cognitive and biological factors of our body. Cognition is defined as the mental processes of obtaining and processing knowledge through experiences and information gained from our surroundings whereas biology is the study of the internal and physiological mechanisms of behavior of living organisms. There is a set of theories of emotion psychologists came up with in order to explain how the two factors interact in emotion. For example, Darwin’s evolutionary theory, the James-Lange theory, the Cannon-Bard theory, Le Doux’s theory, Schachter and Singer’s theory, and Lazarus’ theory. In order to determine to what extent cognitive and biological factors influence emotion, the theories that supports both…show more content…
The three main components of emotion are the physiological changes, the subjective feelings, and the associated behavior. A perceived dangerous event or stimuli would result in a physiological response known as the ‘fight or flight’ response, which prepares the person to either confront the danger or avoid it whereas, the cognitive aspect of emotion would be interpreting the person’s feelings and processing the proper response for it. Thus, a bidirectional relationship does exist between the cognitive and biological factors in

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