Cognitive Behavior Therapy Essay

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1. What features best characterize a behavioral approach to clinical problems?
Behavior therapy is based on the assumptions that clinical problems should be addressed using assessment and treatment techniques that have empirical support and are based on established principles from experimental psychology. Clinical work tends to align itself with the study of human behavior for example: highly diversified field, scientific emphasis, de-emphasis of inferred variables origins, classical conditioning, learning theory and systemic desensitization procedures. Systemic desensitization procedures have to do with history of problem, determining treatment, assessing appropriateness, briefing the patient, relaxation training, and development of anxiety hierarchy and operant tradition

2. What are the major features of the following forms of behavior therapy: systematic
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What are the major features of the following forms of cognitive-behavioral therapy: modeling, rational restructuring, and cognitive therapy?
Modeling: Best and most efficient when subject attends to model, patient retains the information provided by model, patient performs modeled behavior and motivation to use behavior.
Rational Restructuring
–Relabeling of situations, more realistically
–Modification of the internal “self-talk”
–Rational Emotive Therapy (RET)
•Beliefs (B)
•Activating events (A)
•Consequences (C)
•Therapist as a teacher; correct “illogical” thinking
Cognitive Therapy: Modify thought patterns, empirically supported, social learning theory, sense of self-efficacy and active process.

5. What are the strengths and limitations of behavioral therapy?
Strengths: efficacy, efficiency, evidence based, no evidence for symptom substitution, breadth of application, scientist practitioner, and clinical scientist model.
Limitations: linking practice to science, dehumanizing, inner growth, manipulation & control, and do these effects generalize to real-world clients, lack of a unifying
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