Behavioural Therapy Vs CBT

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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Vs Behavioural activation There are similarities in Behavioural Activation and Cognitive Behavioural therapy. As the author has stated Both CBT and BA have established an evidence base in the treatment of depression (Cuijpers, van Straten and Warmerdam, 2007.) Both BA and CBT are listed as recommended models of psychological therapy in the NICE guidelines for treatment of depression. National Collaborating Centre for Mental Health (UK). (2010) Indeed the practice of behavioural activation techniques is itself an important part of the CBT model of treatment for depression. Hughs (2014) writes “the principle of targeting clients activity level has always been advocated in CBT and more recently behavioural change…show more content…
This piece of research is the first of its size. The aim of the study was to examine the clinical efficacy and cost-effectiveness of BA relative to CBT. The researchers recruited individuals with depressive disorders from primary care and psychological therapy services around the united kingdom. The patients were each assigned a therapist on a 1;1 basis. Half of the patients would receive BA from what is termed junior mental health staff and the others CBT from psychological therapists from the psychological therapies teams. One year later the PHQ 9 scores of the patients would be collected and measured. The scores would be examined in relation to their clinical significance and then categorised as depressed/not…show more content…
The study also highlighted the cost effectiveness of BA as a therapy which in theory could be made much more available to people who are experiencing depressive dis-order due to its cost effectiveness and the amount of employees which could be suitable for training within the Mental health workforce. (Richards et al 2016) This study was seen as very significant due to its size and sound methodology. However there was also limitations as almost one third of participants undertook less than 8 sessions of treatment. Also around 80 percent of participants were undertaking anti-depressant medication at the time of

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