Cognitive Behavioral Therapy In The Caribbean

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Due to the number of social problems that the Caribbean faces, a great need for therapy for children and their families is needed. The Caribbean experiences a number of abuse cases every year. This includes physical, emotional and mental abuse among children and their families. Even in recent, an incident took place in La Brea, Trinidad where four people were murdered in a home. Two other children were found in the home unharmed (Loop, 2018). These children, their families and the families of the murder victims need therapy to cope with this situation.
Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is a therapy that is used throughout the Caribbean. This therapy aim is to change the thoughts and actions of an individual by altering their thought patterns
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Parent-child interaction therapy (PCIT) is a type of therapy used for children and their families in other countries. This therapy is a family-centered treatment approach proved effective for children who have been abused and is at the risk of such. It also caters to these children parents and caregivers (Child Welfare Information Gateway, 2013). Parent-child interaction therapy has proved to improve behaviour problems with children and their parents by the interaction between both parties. Parents that abuse their children are coached to control their frustration and attitude towards their children with the help of this…show more content…
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