Cognitive Competence Research Paper

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APSS1L01 Tomorrow’s Leaders

Individual Term Paper

Name of Student: Lee Ho Yan
Student ID: 14086986D
Group Name: 7FM
Topic: Cognitive Competence

Class: Mondays 3:30 - 6:30 pm
Lecturer: Dr. Hildie LEUNG

The topic of this term paper is cognitive competence. This term paper consists of two parts. In the first part, five concepts related to the cognitive competence will be discussed. In the second part, a thorough reflection of life experience will be evaluated to what extend that I process cognitive competence.

Cognitive Competence
Cognitive competence has been related to a variety of developmental outcomes, including academic performance, career achievement, different youth risk behaviors, and psychological health.
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When challenges come, metacognitive skills help individuals to understand the problem and its parameters. After know why is it happen, solutions can then be searched, developed, specified and concluded.

In addition, individuals can monitor the solution implementation and generate 
feedback afterwards. In the future if they encounter the similar problems, adjustments can be made in the face of changing conditions base on the previous solution.

Critical thinking Creative thinking
Sternberg and Lubart (1995) suggested that creative thinking is novel and that produces ideas that are of value. The value of creative thinking is to help individuals to have breakthrough on the previous method. Although it is good to have previous experience to emulate, the past method may not suitable to the current situation due to the changing environment and thus creative thinking promote innovative ideas on the handling of different situations. In addition, creative thinking help individuals to have a better resources management by think of some ways to minimize the resource
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With the clear goals, during the time I was a house captain, I also had to clearly notice not only my personal strengths and weaknesses but also my committees as well. This helped me to gather them and work as a team since we can support others by having different strengths.

For know how, past experience, teammates’ opinions and house masters’ guidance were the sources that I noticed the way to achieve the goal. From past experience, I knew how the process of the sport day would go on and the priority of the schedule. From teammates’ opinions, we design and developed ways to complete tasks, such as the human resource arrangement, financial control. From housemaster’s guidance, he gave us suggestions on the way we cooperated and teach us how to do better on different aspects, such as attitude, working style, bookkeeping and advice on possible solution to the

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