Cognitive Deficit: Case Study

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REPORTER: The reporter/brother (Edward) called with concerns for the victim, Lucy. Lucy suffers from Cognitive Deficit (short term memory and memory loss), and she needs assistance with her daily ADL’s. Lucy is currently in the hospital (Oxford Baptist Hospital), due to falling. The victim’s cardiologist requested that she does not live alone. According to the reporter, 6 or 8 months ago, he was placed on the victim’s checking account. The victim has noticed that there have been multiple checks written last year in the amount of almost $50,000 to Jonathan and Cecilia. The reporter said Jonathan is the victim’s handyman, and Cecilia takes her shopping and etc. The reporter said they have been working for the victim for a few years. Now, the reporter is concerned that they are manipulating the victim into writing checks or they have checks of their own that they are writing.…show more content…
The reporter said the checks are being cashed with “no notation on the checks or no invoice on the checks”. The reporter said the perpetrators are telling the victim to write the checks by being manipulative and she writes them. Reverend Ann Whitaker said that “whatever services they are billing for, they are not completing the services because the house is a mess”. The reporter is worried that they have gotten the victim to sign documents unknowingly. The reporter said the victim has requested that her Estates go to her church, the University where she worked for so many years, and a little bit would be left for her family. The reporter last saw the victim in August of 2015. The reporter has not discussed the allegations with the alleged

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