Cognitive Dissonance

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Objective An in depth analysis of Consumer buying behavior –Cognitive Dissonance and the influence of culture. Introduction In this highly competitive market, marketers need to address their customers in such a way that it may reduce the cognitive dissonance and help the consumers in making decision which are aligned with their attitudes, beliefs or values. Studying cultural elements can help the marketers to address different customers differently that would help gain better sales and hence may increase the revenues of the company. What is Cognitive Dissonance? Cognitive dissonance is an emotion of distress caused by the conflict between an individual’ beliefs, behavior and attitude. Leon Festinger 's theory of cognitive dissonance says that an individual who experiences inconsistency b/w his beliefs, attitude or behavior tends to feel the discomfort and is motivated to reduce the dissonance to bring his cognition and action in line with each other.The inconsistency between an individual’ belief, attitude and behavior causes the psychological discomfort which can motivate the individuals to make a change in their attitude and/or behavior to avoid the stressful feeling. For example, a consumer might have a negative initial attitude towards a particular brand or product but on approaching the outlet, the consumer may be influenced otherwise by the salesperson who may tell all the positive attributes of the product to convince him. The consumer may search for the reviews
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