Cognitive Neuropsychologist

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An attribute that is needed to become a cognitive neuropsychologist is inductive reasoning which means having the ability to piece together clues to figure out the cause of a larger issue. Another is problem sensitivity, which is having the ability to recognize a problem and stay professional under the circumstances. Also, deductive reasoning, written comprehension, and written expression (Naviance). Also, good communication skills and patience are needed (Skills).
There are many steps involved in order to become a cognitive neuropsychologist. After graduating high school and attending college to get a degree in psychology or neuroscience, an aspiring cognitive neuropsychologist can either choose to stay an additional two to four years and
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Some pros include the ability to help others, making a positive impact on people’s lives, job growth, and trying to figure out neurological disorders. The downside to this job involves the amount of time it takes to become a cognitive neuropsychologist which is twelve or more years and being able to deal with the possibility that they may not be able to help their patient out (Neuropsychology). I have the ability to listen very well, which is accommodating for this career. I also have superior reasoning skills and have the ability to stay professional in different circumstances. Plus, I am very good at piecing together factors that could be a root cause of a problem. Two qualities that I think may be an issue for me are the fact that I get stressed out very easily and I am not patient which would make the extensive education requirements difficult to…show more content…
Some other jobs in the field of psychology are forensic psychology, child psychology, military psychology, sports psychology, and geropsychology. Neurology, psychology, and clinical psychology are three careers that are very similar to cognitive neuropsychology. Neurology is also the study of the brain but it differs from cognitive neuropsychology because it is the study of the whole nervous system, not just the brain. Psychology deals more with mental disorders like depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder while cognitive neuropsychology deals with how neurological disorders like epilepsy and parkinson 's disease affect the brain structure.
Cognitive neuropsychology positively impacts society because it helps give normal lives to people who have experienced severe brain trauma. Cognitive neuropsychology does not negatively impact
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