Cognitivism And Behaviorism Theories

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Contributions to Cognitivism and behaviorism.

In my personal opinion both cognitivism and behaviorism theories can contribute to education, in this part of the paper I’ll discuss the various sides of both theories.

The theory of Jean Piaget explains how knowledge is represented in the mind, what operations allow change or evolution of these representations, for him thought is the basis on which learning is based and consisting of mechanisms that the body turns on to adapt to the environment. Using as assimilation; where the body explores the environment and take part of this, transforms and incorporates itself; with actions previously performed previously learned concepts that shape mindsets to allow assimilate new concepts; in
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It has a more constructivist approach. For almost like Jean Piaget, only that focuses more on the relationship of language, symbols and thought that have different genetic backgrounds, language is an instrument by which the transfer of physical and psychological instruments (expectations, skills performed , attitudes). With regard to education he says that psychology must consider the educational problem since this is the main mechanism of development and the special design of the…show more content…
There is a reciprocal interaction between behavior, influential environmental factors and cognitive processes regulators, along with the ability of man to symbolically represent their actions and anticipate the likely consequences. The basic source of acquisition of behavior is the observation of the actions of a model, which is reinforced or punished. The behavior can be controlled by external stimuli or reinforcement, but is also regulated by its consequences and the cognitive abilities of humans .

With his social learning theory, Bandura believed that human behavior should be described in terms of the reciprocal interaction between determinants cognitive, behavioral and environmental. He checked the fact that humans acquire their behavior and personality according to how they see acting others, an important education point because thanks to this discovery establishes that the teacher should behave properly, because it is a model common that students tend to imitate. It brings many things to the cognitive and behavioral theories. In fact, it is usually considered the father of cognitive

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