Cognizant's Business Model Case Study

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2.3. Business models and long-term trust

Cognizant based its business model primarily, on the ability to improve its customer base, throughout its ability to attract new clients. It is a huge challenge, as relationship depends of several factors like Cognizant’s capability to understand client’s needs but also its aptitude to deliver solutions in perfect harmony with those needs.

Moreover, the trust of a person to another one is based on a feeling, an impression or a perception; that is on the intangible and not on the rational or the logic. As a consequence, customer trust doesn’t only depend of solutions provided, but also of several factors, sometimes not obvious. In response, Cognizant developed 2 main strategies to build long term trust
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Two-in-a-Box Relationship Model: Cognizant’s Global IT Services Delivery Edge. Cognizant White Paper, 2007, 8p.

Cognizant has a strong Customer Relationship Management, having developed a four-tiered global architecture for service delivery and operations. Cognizant’s employees are split between several local facilities, in order to be close to customer’s sites. This model facilitates the integration of Cognizant’s global workforces, as it allows team members in different sites to work directly on customers’ projects, but also to share common project information.

The group manages 75 delivery centres worldwide (cf. “Client-focused Global Delivery Network” above). Consequently, the global delivery model permits a rapid achievement of the different projects, associated to a highest level of quality, by allowing real-time access to project information by the customer. This high level of quality linked to short delay aims to increase customer satisfaction and subsequently improve client trust. Cognizant’s global delivery model includes two strategic elements; the two-in-a-box engagement model and its highly-skilled workforce.

• Two-in-a-box engagement
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Helping Clients Ignite Their Entrepreneurial Spirit. Annual report, 2013, 130p.

is the 5th main commercial bank in the United-States, providing a board range of banking, brokerage, insurance, investment, mortgage, trust and payment services products to consumers, businesses and institutions. The bank manages more than 3,000 offices spread in 25 different states. The bank partnered with Cognizant to develop a mobile marketing platform, using innovative technologies. This platform offers a mobile-optimized experience for US Bank’s customers. It is a climbable online banking solution, which is able to support user growth.

To meet this challenge, Cognizant provided the best of its capabilities in consulting, user experience and digital offerings. Indeed, US Bank’s project was supported by several Cognizant’s expertise in technology, delivery, performance optimization and testing. Thanks to the quality of the solution provided, associated to Cognizant team flexibility and adaptability, the group managed to build a long term trust relationship with US Bank.

Today, the US Bank mobile optimized site attracts over 700,000 visitors per month and is consistently ranked among the best for performance by independent

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