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What are the companies’ history, mission, vision and organisational structure? Cognizant first started as Dun & Bradstreet Satyam Systems (DBSS). It was an India-based amalgamation between D&B and Satyam Computers in 1994. When they got to the stock market in 1994, they made the promise ‘We will grow faster than our competition, and we deliver you a little bit less net result.’. From that moment, they really grew hard. In 1996 they spun off some or their subsidiaries, like IMS International, Nielsen Media Research, and begun adding third-party clients. From that moment, the company was formed as Cognizant Corporation. In January in 1997 DBBS was named as Cognizant Technology Solutions, also known as CTS. The focus of Cognizant was for the…show more content…
Cognizant are a service company. They exist by the fact that they are really helping out their clients and that means they need to be humble, listen to them, and be very focused. The company can survive by the fact that the clients feel valuable. Cognizant’s vision is to keep growing. Cognizant doesn’t really have a clear mission. According to W. Verbruggen, our interviewee, Cognizant long term vision is to keep growing. That is keeping there promise, which they made in 1994 with the shareholders. They promised to grow faster than their competitors. The want to keep the #1 spot of fastest growing and market leading IT company. Cognizants organizational structure CEO Francisco d'Souza Chairman of the Board John Klein Vice Chairman of the Board Lakshmi Narayanan Director Director Director Director Director John Fox Thomas Wendel Robert Howe Maureen Breakiron-Evans Robert Weissman COO & CFO Delivery Legal & Secretary Global Client Services Gordon Coburn Chandra Sekaran Steven Schwartz

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