Cohesion In Written Writing

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Katharina Rustipa
Stikubank University

Coherence is a key concept for text comprehension and text clarity. One feature that contributes to coherence is cohesion which is realized in cohesive devices and metadiscourse markers. The current study is about cohesion in professional writings found in The Jakarta Post. Its purposes are to find out the cohesive devices and metadiscourse markers and to analyze how the cohesion significantly contributes to the coherence. The study is descriptive and qualitative in nature. The data are 4 professional writings taken from The Jakarta Post. The research results show that the average of the textual cohesion used in the professional
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This development offers a significant challenge since people involve in the use of English as an international language, particularly the written type. By using the written texts, people can express their ideas through mass media, they can communicate and respond to what they read or hear. Through the written texts, especially from internet, people can get abundant advantages, e.g. information, knowledge. Thus, English written text is inevitably faced by the people and this becomes problem for people who are not good English users like most…show more content…
Some English-as-a -second-language writers are able to write in English with ease, but a great many spend countless hours struggling to express themselves at the level of sophistication of which they are capable in their native languages. Similar with Cameron, Almaden states that writing is a highly complex process for novice and non novice writers alike since it involves advanced skills that include critical thinking, logical development, and coherence of ideas (2006).
Tangkiengsirisih (2010) finds out that even advanced learners at a high profeciency level of English have problem with academic writing at the level of text organization and cohesion, even though they have started learning English since elementary school level throughout the school years. Tangkiengsirisih further explains that coherent writing is badly needed for professionals and university students since it plays a crucial role in disseminating
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