Coke Addiction Research Paper

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“Researchers have confirmed for the first time the widely held belief that some people are addicted to caffeine in the same way that others are addicted to cigarettes, alcohol, or intravenous drugs.” (NY Times, 1994). Caffeine is widely famous for giving everyone that burst of energy they need to start their day or to even make it through the day. Even though caffeine is the start of the addiction, it is actually the withdrawal symptoms that you have after not consuming caffeine for a while that keep you wanting more. These withdrawal symptoms can make you feel foggy, less alert, fatigued, irritable, and it causes bad headaches. There is a molecule in the brain called adenosine that is very similar to a caffeine molecule, but one causes you…show more content…
Through commercials and ads, we find out about the new and latest products. If the commercial or ad is funny, happy, or interesting, we tend to want that product. These commercials and ads put on by soda companies are another big reason as to why we just cannot stay away. Recently, Pepsi released a commercial that featured Kendall Jenner, a celebrity and role model to many people around the world. They use celebrities to promote their product because many people want to be just like their role models, and celebrities are role models to millions. Coke also released a commercial with the Hulk and Ant man. This commercial appeals to super hero fans of all ages. If someone who wants to be just like Kendall Jenner or someone who loved Ant Man and the Hulk saw this commercial, they would more than likely eventually have a Pepsi or Coke to drink because of their role models having one. In Pepsi’s most recent commercial, they have different races, religions, and ages come together to share a Pepsi with one another. Unlike Pepsi commercials, usually every commercial that Coca-Cola releases is about friendship and sharing between teenagers. Coca-Cola targets the younger generation by showing teenagers having fun with their friend while sharing Coke products together. They even started putting names on coke bottles and started the Share a Coke campaign to have a more personal connection with the
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