Compare And Contrast Coke And Mcdonald's Global Branding Strategy

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Q1: Contrast Coke and McDonald are global branding strategies. How are they similar and how are they different? Why are they so well-respected? Global brand is any brand which is available and recognized worldwide .Coke and McDonalds’ are both renowned brands who have made their place in the local as well as global market. Coke global branding strategy is that it gives the same message worldwide i.e. “Happiness”. Consumers can easily associate themselves through it slogan “Open Happiness”. The research shows that Coke is the most famous and recognizable brand in the world at 94%. McDonald’s on the other hand has created a differential effect on consumers through its quality, consistency and standardization it is able to recognize the different needs and wants of different customers. McDonalds’ and Coke are both supporting each…show more content…
The factors in the branding strategy of coke have always been linked to charm, unification and togetherness. While McDonald’s branding strategy is linked with Happiness, excitement and entertainment. McDonald’s modify its message according to different cultural priorities but the key message and value of brand is still universal i.e I’m lovin it is used worldwide but interpretations are different in Swiss the slogan is linked with an image of a woman calming alone listening to music. On an Indian site it is paired with a family having fun time while shopping in a supermarket. When you indulge in globalization it is important that you understand the language of that particular country both Coke and McDonald’s understood the importance of language and introduced their product offerings appropriately and invested heavily in locally inspired communication. These factors are common in their global branding

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