Cola And Coca Fro Analysis

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Comparison and Contrast of two poems (Coca-Cola and Coca Frio & Arabic Coffee) Poets have deep thoughts in their poetry. In general, they relate some actual or present example to demonstrate the most important lesson to their listeners and followers. Arabic Coffee is written by Naomi Shihab Nye while Coca Cola and Coca Frio is the masterpiece of Matrin Espada. The main theme of Arabic Coffee is that coffee plays a crucial role in building some kind of relationship while on the other hand Coca Cola and Coca Frio hints about the change in civilization due to mingling or saturation of another civilization. The poem "Coca-Cola and Coco Frio" composed by Martin Espada, is a depiction of Martin Espada's feelings of trepidation. When you first read the ballad and you read lines, for example, "the fat kid wandered from table to table with his mouth open. (3-5, 10)," you may believe that the ballad is basically about a fat kid who is searching for a comment his stomach. Be that as it may, when you keep on reading through the lyric and endeavor to comprehend the hidden importance, you understand the lyric isn't so basic. The genuine quintessence of this lyric does not originate from a fat kid searching for something on which to chow down, yet rather it is about Martin Espada's dread that Puerto Rico will overlook its social roots because of…show more content…
This poem is centralized behind one sentence and that sentence is that coffee is the symbol of unity and gathering. A cup of coffee is a source of linking the people coming from all over the world. The dear ones are separated from one another due to their assigned duties can gather themselves up for the cup of coffee. As long as the coffee remains in the cup, they are present between their dear ones. Therefore, Coffee is a symbol of hope and faith. Hope for meet up and faith in themselves to execute that hope that comes from anyone in the
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