Cold Bay: A Short Story

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Off a long way from the city of Anchorage, lay one of the most desolate and cold places. Cold Bay, true to its name, holds only a population of 108 people according to the 2010 census taken. The years have passed, and the harsh winds of time have taken their toll on the population. Now, with only 10 people, the city of Cold Bay, Alaska is the loneliest in the state that is already empty.

Brooks was enraptured by the snow. Falling, with no end but the gathering at his boots. His house was merely 10 meters away from him, but the snow, acting as a barrier, made his trudging feel hopeless. Standing tall, the goggles he donned were only spared from being coated by the weather due to Brooks’s hand. The cold was practically one with him, making
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The tundra was his home for his entire life, relentlessly attempting to chill him to the bone. When he came to, his eyes stood still, staring at just one place. Above the mantle of his fireplace he had a large map splayed out of the state Alaska. Very large yellow thumbtacks were speared into the locations of his home and the city of Anchorage. Other small tacks were in between the two, with string all connecting them, making a path from one to another. Planting two hands firmly on the floor, he hoisted himself up onto both legs and stretched out his aching body. Feeling a crave for some hot tea, he put some water over the fire. The steam rising from the pot was getting quicker by the second, but Brooks had something else on his mind. Tomorrow would be the last he would wait, counting down from since a few months ago Brooks had been tired with his life in Cold Bay. He had never liked his “neighbors”, which lived all the way across the airport from him. Acting just as cold as the weather, they shied away from him just because of his parents’ disrespect to the community. By the time he stopped pondering, the water was all gone, whisked away into the atmosphere, never to be seen again by his eyes. He took the pot around poured what little was left. Fixated on rotating the glass on an axis, he watched the solitary water travel its way around the base, until he placed it down, focusing on more important
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