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Cold Case Closure by Patrick Ian O’Donnell and Charles O. Gaylor is touted as a police procedural novel, and deals with a number of fictional cold murder cases. It is a standalone novel and falls into the general fiction/detective thriller category.

Grant Frazier is a retired Cold Case Crime Taskforce member, as well as having previously worked for the LAPD. During his time in law enforcement he has seen far too many people get away with murder due to lack of evidence or credible witnesses. With the death of his wife, and the fact that he is no longer active in law enforcement, Grant goes off to mete out his own brand of justice to the cases he feels most aggrieved about not having been solved. The problem with being judge, jury and executioner however, is that sometimes you find you might be wrong.

The idea of a retired cop playing vigilante and bringing killers who got away with murder to justice really intrigued me. The prologue starts with a bang and sets the tone for the book, so you expect a fast-paced ride. The book lays out a bit of Grant’s background and how his son-in-law came to work with him. It focusses on the murders and the people believed to have done them, as
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It saddened me that the editing and grammatical mistakes in the book brought down what could have been a great detective thriller. The ending does have a twist, and even though you can see the lead up to it, I really hoped that it wouldn’t go that way as I was eager for an honourable ending and an admission of wrongdoing. I commend the authors on a great idea, but remove one star for punctuation and grammar and another for the glaringly obvious mistakes in the script. I thus rate Cold Case Closure 2 out of 4 stars, and even so would recommend it to mature YA readers and up who enjoy police stories, especially thrillers, and can handle episodes of violence in their
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