Cold Environment Vs Artificial Cold Essay

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3. Particularities of working in cold environment: natural vs. artificial cold
The work in natural and artificial cold has very similar features: in both cases the impact of the low and subzero temperatures could be dangerous for the human body. However, the majority of the work places in the cold are related to an outdoor exposure [12]. In winter time, in mountain, arctic and subarctic regions, different logistic activities for the society (road maintenance, transport) involve cold exposure. Tourism and winter sports also are associated with occupational activities that require cold exposure. Different industries like construction industry, fishery, farming, reindeer breeding, mining, metallurgy, forestry, horticulture, etc. involve work in
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The comparison between the occupational activities in natural and artificial cold shows however some differences, which influence the thermophysiological comfort of the workers.
On the first place, the indoor, artificial cold, is more stable in temperature, air velocity and humidity fluctuations, which is preconditioned by the application of systems for chilling and air conditioning. This helps the proper selection of protective clothing, which does not need change during the exposure. In the natural cold environment the air temperature changes during the twenty-four-hour period. This requires the use of clothing, which allows adding or removing of layers within some limits, in order to protect the worker from overheating or freezing.
In addition, the climate conditions have to be considered together with the geographical features: activities in mountain regions (road construction, logging, tourism) increase the negative effect of the low temperatures and the solar load; activities in flatlands or seas (agriculture, fishing, oil platforms) increase the severity of the wind

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