Cold Equations By Tom Godwin Analysis

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A choice is an act of selecting or making a decision when faced with two or more possibilities. But choices aren’t just a definition, they are life’s biggest challenges. Choices can be as big as life or death, but as small as what to eat for supper. They are just a part of everyday life. Everybody has to make choices, even characters in stories have to make choices, like Marilyn from Cold Equations, Jean from The Nothing, and Miss Geiss from This Year’s Class Picture. In the story Cold Equations by Tom Godwin, Marilyn has to choose between killing herself and saving seven other people or not killing herself and killing seven other people. Marilyn didn’t know that the capacity weight of the space ship was limited when she got on it in the first place, but soon after being found by the pilot she…show more content…
Jean is having her mind controlled by the “Big All” but doesn’t realize it, which I think is why she chose to marry Claude, “The old man just smiled. Miss Carlysle,' he said, 'do you honestly object to-' 'As long as I'm going to be in the family you can call me Jean,' I said.” (4) This shows how Jean’s mind was being controlled by the “Big All”. This also shows that she’s not fully in her right mind while making the decision, it’s her mind being controlled. Jean is also starting to feel the guilt of her not marrying Claude because she starts thinking about how supernatural powers will run out, and it would be her fault, “'But we've got to do something!' I said. 'The world'll just go to pot!'”. (4) This shows that Jean wants to do something to keep the supernatural powers. This also shows that she is selfless because she is trying to save the world, even at her future’s expense. In conclusion, Jean shows selflessness and a bit of weakness by marrying
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