Cold Formed Steel Essay

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Cold-formed steel Cold-formed steel(CFS) is type of steel fabricated by cold forming process, for common term for products made by rolling or pressing steel into semi-finished or finished goods at relatively low temperature. Its popularity can be attributed to ease of mass production and prefabrication, uniform quality, lightweight designs, economy in transportation and simple erection or installation. CFS has the exceptional environmental advantage of being highly recycled and infinitely recyclable. Moreover, there are several advantages and characteristics of CFS, CFS is easy to handle during construction and transportation because it has components weigh with 30percent to 50percent less than wood counterparts. Steel show highest strength…show more content…
CFS not only has high in strength, durability and stability but also it can recycle after it moved from the building structure. CFS mainly used as structural members, floors, walls, roofs, covering and diaphragms.
Firstly, CFS is used for wall covering and wall framing, variety of shape and texture can be made in wall panels with high technology method. Exterior and interior wall construction can be constructing with CFS stud wall framing. When constructing exterior wall, CFS stud wall framing normally used as backup system for brick veneer, stucco, and exterior insulating finish systems. For interior applications, CFS stud wall is used to support partition walls, shaft walls and ceilings.
Moreover, Floor construction with CFS such as floor deck and floor framing. CFS shows a very high strength-to-weight ratio, this is the advantages of using steel deck in building construction. During construction it can function as working platform and carries construction load. Composite decks used to interlock the deck to the concrete to achieved higher shear resistance, it also can achieve a longer span because of it have higher strength. When CFS is recommend constructing a floor framing, it can used in the part of sub-floor structures. Contractor may decide the spacing between the floor framing and installed plywood floors or concrete is

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