Cold Hand Luke Film Analysis

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In the film Cold Hand Luke, directed by Stuart Rosenberg he uses Luke as a christ figure. Through Luke it helps reveal the big message of the film, the struggle in life to keep faith in God that can fade by cruel punishment and by unfair treatment by other beings. To begin, for one to fully grasp how Luke deepens the theme let's explain how he fits the archetype of a christ figure. As demonstrated by Thomas Foster, he outlines specific elements that qualify characters as a christ figure. Luke fits many of these characterics such as being around 33 years old, in agony, and being self sacrificing. By these elements that Rosenberg has insightfully integrated into Luke help provide this deeper meaning. For example, when Luke gets arrested for…show more content…
He goes inside the church that is completely empty and asks God why he has never gave him the “good hand”. Also in this scene it excellently depicts how Luke feels about God, that he never was there when Luke needed him the most. In this final scene the empty church helps the audience show the connection between God and Luke. Their relation is fruitless and empty. This reveals that Luke regards God as a colorless figure in his life that has never done anything in his the favor. He has been tortured by higher authorities and through his tough journey God has failed to play his role. By this relation it expounds that Luke’s faith has disintegrated since even at the church Luke does not get an desired answer from God even when pleading for the pain to end. Thus, through Luke he plays an active role to help richen the theme of the film about the struggles of keeping faith in God. Luke’s faith has important part in his life since he clearly acknowledges a higher being but has a hard time keeping connection by the tests constantly decreasing his faith. Therefore by using a christ figure it helps expound to the audience even the holiest of people have fights with
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