Cold Sassy Tree Character Analysis Essay

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In my reading, I believe that the author of Cold Sassy Tree has been successful in portraying Aunt Loma as an unsympathetic character. I feel this way because on page 100 in the last paragraph, there is an extreme example of Loma acting disrespectful and unsympathetic. “But Loma shook her off and stalked past Miss Love and Grandpa to join Uncle Camp, who has taken Campbell Junior out on the porch. She didn’t even make a polite show of wishing them well. Didn’t say goodnight, even.” This is the most solid piece of evidence I could find that proves Aunt Loma to be unsympathetic because not only is Aunt Loma showing her feelings, but her being outright insensitive to both Miss Love’s and her father’s feelings. Also, on page 11, paragraph four, Will recounts a previous conversation he heard between Aunt Loma and Grandpa. “Aunt Loma has already declared that he couldn’t live with her. Said she didn’t have room. I don’t know how she could say such as that when her daddy had given her husband a job and…show more content…
He took the time to listen to what she was saying and what she was going through, which led him to a better understanding of her psyche and of what she was upset about. I also agree with his thoughts about her not being mad about just the church piano, but being mad about her whole life. “... having a drunkard for a daddy, getting jilted by Mr. McAllister, and being looked on in Cold Sassy as a Yankee outsider.” All of these things are very easy to get mad about and have an outburst over, but when you add in her own community shunning her and taking away something she loves, it all surfaces. Most people would just see it as her acting spoiled because she doesn’t get to do something she is privileged to do anymore, but it is admirable that Will took the time to listen to Miss Love and to understand what she was truly upset
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